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Counseling Services 

Ozarks Community Hospital offers a wide range of behavioral and mental health services throughout our many locations. With a team of highly-trained team of psychologists and counselors working throughout the system, OCH can provide quality care close to home.


OCH Sparta Clinic

OCH Wellpointe Medical Clinic

OCH Evergreen Clinic

OCH Lawrence County Clinic

OCH Gravette Clinic

OCH Webster County Clinic 


Contact your local OCH clinic to set up an appointment.

licensed clinical social worker


Benjamin Atwell LCSW
Benjamin Atwell, LCSW

OCH Evergreen Clinic

John Carpenter
John Carpenter, MSW, LCSW

OCH Sparta Clinic 

Lynda Nickle
Lynda Nickle, LCSW

OCH Sparta and Webster County Clinics 

Greggory Scott Forrester
Gregory Forrester, PMHNP

OCH Gravette Clinic