Ozarks Community Hospital Price List

Pricing for Ozarks Community Hospital and Clinics Services & Supplies

Pricing for OCH Health System Services & Supplies

Effective January 1, 2021, CMS requires hospitals to make their third-party payer contracted rates, as well as their prices for services and supplies available to the public.

Prices Charged. OCH has chosen to disclose its Chargemaster by using an Excel spreadsheet file which you may access through the link below. There are two worksheet tabs in the Excel file: one is a list of the most common service charges and shows the discounted price we charge a private person with no third-party benefits paying cash for the service; and the other is a list of all charges and shows the price we charge a third-party payer such as a commercial insurance company or Medicare. If a private person is paying for a service not included in the list of common service charges, we discount the price shown to the third-party payer by 40%.

Contracted Rates. There are no third-party payers paying the listed price in our Chargemaster. They all pay according to “contracted rates” negotiated with OCH or unilaterally imposed on OCH by the payer. These contracted rates are now made available to the public. A majority of the patients treated at OCH are covered under a governmental program such as Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare. OCH does not negotiate a rate with governmental programs. OCH is paid according to the rules and regulations of the program. If you are interested in how those governmental programs pay hospitals such as OCH, you may find that information on the program websites:

Many patients covered under a governmental program are now enrolled in a commercial insurance product such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare HMO, and private insurance Medicaid products. Those insurance payers pay OCH the same rates as Medicare and Medicaid. In addition to those governmental programs, there are a handful of commercial insurances which cover OCH patients: Humana, UnitedHealth, Aetna, Cigna and the Arkansas Blues. Those commercial payers do not pay OCH in accordance with the prices shown in our Chargemaster; instead, they impose a contracted rate tied to the Medicare allowable fee schedule or, in the case of the Arkansas Blues, according to a state-wide fee schedule.


Click the link below to view a full list and prices:

OCH Price List 2023 – XLSX format

OCH Fee Schedules  

UnitedHealth All Payor Index

UnitedHealth Price List 

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