OCH Services

Surgery Services

OCH Hospital, Gravette, Arkansas

OCH has two operating rooms that are utilized Monday through Friday. The OCH of Gravette anesthesiology team consists of two anesthesiologists and one CRNA on staff to care for each patient during surgery

Surgery procedures include:

  • Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopies
  • EGDs
  • Port flushes
  • General Surgery
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Hernia Repairs
  • Colon and Bowel Resections
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy/Laparotomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Liver Biopsy
  • Insertion and Removal of Ports
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Muscle Biopsy
  • Excision of Cyst, Mass or Growth
  • Fistulotomy
  • Temporal Artery Biopsy
  • Wound Debridement

Gravette – Scheduling: 479-344-6829

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