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Outpatient Wound Care Services

OCH Hospital, Gravette, Arkansas

)Outpatient Wound Therapy is a unique service provided by Ozarks Community Hospital in Gravette, Ark.  The department was developed to coordinate outpatient care for patients with acute or chronic wound care needs.  Our goal is to assist patients with control of symptoms, heal or maintain wound conditions with education and treatment of wound care needs.

We are pleased to offer our patients a diverse array of assessments and treatments of, Outpatient Wound Care, and referrals to other outpatient departments to treat the patient as a whole. Our team of Health Care Professionals work together with input from the patient and family/caregiver to determine what treatment modalities may be available to improve or maintain the patient’s quality of life.

Treatment provided for the following:

  • Acute and Chronic wounds
  • Nutritional Consults for Wound Healing
  • Lab test for Wound care
  • Radiology test as need
  • Phone: (479)-344-6726
  • Fax: (479)-344-6730
OCH Wound Care