OCH Services


At our OCH Clinics we offer testing for hepatitis, and suppressive treatment for hepatitis B, and curative treatment for hepatitis C. Like other diseases, there are many risk factors for Hepatitis, which spreads through direct contact with infected blood. About 66% of people with hepatitis B, and 40% of people with hepatitis C, are unaware they are infected.


 OCH offers a variety of tests for patients including:

  • Urine Drug Screen
  • CBC
  • Basic Metabolic Profile
  • Liver Profile
  • TSH
  • HIV
  • Alpha-Fetoprotein
  • Serum Iron
  • Total Iron Binding Capacity
  • Ferritin
  • PT/INR
  • 25 Hydroxyvitamin D
  • Hepatitis A antibodies
  • Hepatitis B Surface antigen
  • Hepatitis B Surface antibody
  • Hepatitis C Viral Count
  • Hepatitis C genotype

The treatment and tests for patients vary. Please see a provider for specific treatment options.