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ENT & Allergy 

OCH Hospital, Gravette, Arkansas

As a smaller hospital, we offer a personalized approach
to care, giving you the attention you deserve at a time
when you need it most. From the front office to the
exam room, our practice is made up of professionals
who take your health very seriously. Together with
our fully equipped operating rooms, sophisticated
instrumentation and latest techniques, not typically
found in a small hospital, you can rest assured we will
provide you with top-notch medical care.

Gravette – Scheduling: 479-344-6829
OCH of Gravette Specialty Clinic: (479) 344-6870


•Ear tube surgery
•Dizziness, vertigo & balance disorders
•Infections & diseases of the ears
•Hearing loss

Nose & Sinus
•Smell and taste disorders
•Sinus infection (sinusitis)
•Nosebleeds (epistaxis)
•Nasal fracture
•Nasal reconstruction
•Deviated septum

Throat & Neck
•Tonsils & Adenoids
•Tumors & cancer of head & neck
•Swallowing disorders
•Voice & speech disorders
•Dry mouth
•Acid reflux
•Chronic cough

Facial Plastics
•Removal of skin cancers
•Removal of dangerous moles
•Skin tag removal
•Skin lesion removal w/cosmetic repair
Thyroid & Parathyroid
•Thyroid & Parathyroid diseases
•Thyroid nodules

•Allergic rhinitis
(hay fever/seasonal allergies)
•Contact & atopic dermatitis
•Urticaria (hives) & angioedema
•Skin prick allergy testing
•Allergen immunotherapy (shots/drops)
•Food allergies

ENT & Allergy Provider
Hilton McDonald
R. Hilton McDonald, DO, FAOC

Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery