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Marc A. Rogers, MD

Michael Maline

Dr. Marc A. Rogers is a General Surgeon with Ozarks Community Hospital. Dr. Rogers comes to OCH with with over 30 years of experience.


  • General Surgery
Education & Training
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) College of Medicine
  • Ozarks Community Hospital  
    Phone: (479) 344-6870


Send referrals to: Fax: (479) 344-6324


    Common Procedures:

    • Colonoscopy, EGD (+/- PEG) 
    • Incision & drainage of abscess 
    • Hernia repair – open, laparoscopic 
      • Umbilical, inguinal, ventral, incisional, hiatal  


      • Lower extremity amputations 
      • Vascular access – CVL, Long-term catheters and ports
      • Anorectal – hemorrhoids, fistulas
      • Excision of skin and soft tissue lesions
      • Biopsy – skin, muscle, temporal artery, lymph node 



      • Laparoscopy

      • Tracheostomy 

      • Appendectomy 

      • Cholecystectomy 

      • Feeding tube placement – open, laparoscopic, endoscopic 

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