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Behaviorial Medicine

OCH Hospital, Gravette, Arkansas

The clinic provides Behavioral Medicine and family practice services to its patients. Featured services include:

Quotient ADHD Testing

Quotient ADHD testing is a noninvasive sit-down computer test that objectively measures brain function related to ADHD symptoms. This test is FDA-cleared to measure an individual’s hyperactivity, impulsitivity and inattention as an aid in the assessment of ADHD. It is targeted at individuals 6 years of age and up.
Genetic Testing: Genetic testing measures how likely an individual is to respond or develop a side effect from a particular medication. By taking this test, patients can avoid potentially harmful medications, learn appropriate dosage and gain access to medications that will work properly to help get full benefit of the drug. In order to test, patients provide a DNA sample (via buccal swab). This swab is then lab tested for final results.


Substance Abuse

OCH Behavioral Medicine providers have experience in treating a wide range of addiction problems, including co-occuring mental health disorders. Our approach focuses on early detection and intervention. We cultivate an environment where patients feel comfortable to discuss concerns and develop a recovery plan. Our psychology staff provides treatment coordination, crisis intervention, ongoing education and counseling. Topics include identifying triggers, building self-esteem, stress reduction and mindfulness training. We realize that recovery is a process. The goal of treatment is to prevent relapse and improve quality of life by providing up-to-date care in a professional and confidential setting.

Patient Education

The Integrated Behavioral Medicine team provides important and relevant education on issues like diabetes, mental health, hepatitis C, chronic illness, oral health, nutrition and community resources. We provide opportunities and materials that enable patients to learn about and better manage their condition. Our clinic staff actively collaborates with patients to identify problems and develop practical solutions. We help patients understand the vital connections between the mind, body, lifestyle and their support systems.

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