OCH Services

Integrated Care Services

OCH Hospital, Gravette, Arkansas
OCH Evergreen Clinic, Springfield, Missouri

The Integrated Care department provides a higher level of quality care to improve health and lower healthcare costs for patients. Individualized care plans are developed with patients to meet quality measures including preventative care, screenings, referrals and follow-ups. The department consists of: Nurse Care Managers, Care Coordinators, Community Health Workers, Nutrition Consultants and Behavioral Health Consultants to provide support to the patient’s team of providers, nurses and pharmacy.

The Nurse Care Managers and Behavioral Health Consultant have developed one-on-one classes to address barriers that stand in the way of a patient’s success in the clinic setting. Examples include: inability to keep appointments, non-adherence to treatment plans, and personality conflicts. The goal of these classes is to enable patients to receive the best care possible. The department also offers group classes including chronic disease self-management for patients and family members and smoking cessation.


Quality primary care is a foundation of the OCH mission. Nurse Care Managers are available for staff and patient education at any time. Consultants are also available for interventions including behavioral modification, crisis intervention and nutritional consulting. OCH Integrated Care (iCare) is based in Springfield and Gravette, but serves patients at all OCH locations. Any patient (infant to geriatric) in the OCH Health System is eligible to receive age appropriate services, classes, etc.

Coverage Assistance

Assistance and items can be given in person, or directly at a patient’s home. OCH Integrated Care staff can offer patients help with:

  • Medicaid and Medicare applications
  • Healthcare Marketplace Enrollment assistance
  • Sliding fee application
  • Housing application assistance
  • Food stamps application assistance
  • Fresh produce distribution (iCare staff will pick up and deliver to patients on an “as needed” basis)
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene items
  • Miscellaneous patient needs
Counseling Assistance

OCH iCare includes a licensed Psychologist who collaborates with a patient’s primary care provider. The iCare Psychologist can help with:

  • Domestic violence counseling
  • Counseling for stress management
  • After a patient has had a positive substance abuse screen
  • After a patient has had a positive depression screening

All services are free of charge (no clinic visit). Additional services are available as well, call to verify!

Nutrition Services

Our Registered Dieticians offer consultations for diet/exercise, diabetes education and weight loss assistance.

Education Classes

OCH iCare staff collaborate to offer a variety of ongoing, free patient education classes:

  • Smoking Cessation Class – This class is ideal for patients who would like to kick the habit. It is currently offered in Springfield and Nixa.
  • Healthy Weight Class – This class is ideal for patients who are looking for assistance in reaching a healthier weight. It is currently offered in Springfield.
  • Chronic Disease Management Class – This class is ideal for patients looking for a support group and coping techniques for dealing with their life-long illness. It is currently offered in Springfield.
  • Patient 101 Class* – This class is designed to help patients advocate for themselves, prepare for their appointment, and learn basic skills for being a good patient.
  • Medication Fact or Fiction Class* – This class is ideal for medication education and medication list review.

*These don’t have to be shared in a class setting; they can also be a one-on-one meeting scheduled at any location between iCare staff and a patient. 

The iCare team has RN’s on staff willing to help with education, chronic condition education and staff education.