A Message from our CEO, Paul Taylor

Nov 24, 2021 | Healthcare Announcements

Thanksgiving 2021

I will begin with the cliché: it is time to give thanks. I speak for the OCH organization when I say we have plenty to be thankful for. Whenever I hear that phrase, I cannot help but hear Bing Crosby singing the words in the film, Holiday Inn. In the song, Bing then goes on to list a number of things for which he is thankful. OCH is thankful for:

  • its providers and staff who remained committed to our mission and to each other through a worldwide pandemic that has challenged us for almost two years in ways we never imagined possible;
  • those resource miracles, large and small, spiritual, financial and material, which allowed us to continue providing service to our patients despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles;
  • patients who remained loyal to OCH as their medical home even when the doors to that home were not as open as we or they would have liked;
  • the support we received from our communities who understood that OCH people were often risking their own health to ensure better health for others in the community;
  • our employees rising above the inescapable political turmoil of the times to find common cause in service to others.

I am thankful for:

  • you. 

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday.

Paul Taylor, CEO

Ozarks Community Hospital

Paul Taylor OCH CEO

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