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Patient Testimonials

More than a Doctor’s Visit

When you visit Ozarks Community Hospital you get more: more smiles, more compassion and more service. Because at OCH, you are more than a patient; your whole health matters.


OCH patient Robert shares about his experience with Ozarks Community Hospital staff and services.


For Danielle, being overweight was a problem she was accustomed to since childhood. Listen as she tells about her incredible transformation and her experience with Beverly Gann, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for Ozarks Community Hospital.

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Other Patient Testimonials

One of our patients took the time to hand write a thank you note to our ER staff and providers. We wanted to share it with you: 

My son was one of your patients a while back and I wanted to thank you for being concerned. Also, I wanted to thank you for making sure my child got the time and thought put into [why] he had a hard time breathing. The next night, he slept well and so did I knowing that you didn’t just give him an antibiotic and send him home. You assured me as his mom that his health was okay!

I thank you again for doing your job. There needs to be more people in your line of work that listen and put time and thought into their patients. I know you guys put up with a lot of nonsense! I was also your patient a while back and was also treated the same. You listened and didn’t just write me off.

You did your job well for me and my family. I can’t speak for everyone, but thank you from my family to yours. Certain people need to be recognized every once in a while for the good they do, so they can keep doing their job and still enjoy it. God bless you and your family!

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