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Meth Resources

OCH Health System is committed to helping those recovering from meth addiction and those who have been affected by meth. This means offering a full range of medical services from primary care to psychiatry, and we can guarantee you an appointment with a primary care provider within two weeks—no matter what. To schedule an appointment, call 417-893-3911.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, again in 2009, Missouri led the nation in number of meth labs police seized, ending the year with 1,774 meth labs.  This was a 20% jump from 2008 totals.

Meth is an extremely critical issue in the Ozarks. It is well recognized that those who use meth are much more likely to neglect their children, and we must keep up the awareness as to how to recognize and report this to protect our most vulnerable.  Greene County ranks 114 out of 115 counties for our child abuse and neglect rate.

If you would like to donate to meth awareness and education programs please contact:

Sylvia Persky, Associate Director at Community Partnership of the Ozarks

(417) 888-2020 Ext. 215   [email protected]

You can send checks to: (please make a note that the money is to be used for “meth initiatives”)

 Community Partnership of the Ozarks Attention: Sylvia Persky
330 N. Jefferson Ave. Springfield, MO 65806

If you or someone you know needs help call: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

To report a suspected meth lab call:

Inside City Limits 417-869-8477

Outside City Limits 417-868-4148

For an emergency 911

Signs of a possible meth lab:

• Strong smell of cat urine, ammonia, starter fluid, paint thinner

• Blackened out windows

• Increased traffic, especially at night

• Large amounts of meth trash, such as pseudoephedrine boxes, matchbook covers, stripped lithium batteries, anti-freeze containers and red stained coffee filters.


• Using meth during pregnancy is very harmful. When the mom takes the drug, so does the baby. Babies exposed to meth can be born early—increasing the chance of dying, born with numerous birth defects—missing extremities, mental retardation, stunted growth, etc, babies can also be born addicted to the drug.

• Meth use is proven to lead to things like: severe damage to organs, extreme weight loss, exhaustion, seizures, paranoia, twitching, dental problems, permanent brain damage, death (even on first use—an overdose of meth can kill), and stroke just to name a few.

• If you are exposed to a meth lab it can cause you very serious harm. You don’t have to come in direct contact to have damage. Simply having a neighbor who is cooking meth is very harmful.

• If you are a meth user, nothing is as important as meth. Users experience loss of interest in friends, outside activities, and neglect their children and family.

• Meth interferes with the body’s ability to register pain and because of this meth users have been known to do serious damage to themselves because their body is unable to warn them of danger.

• Meth users are at a much higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS and all types of hepatitis, due to unprotected sex and sharing of needles.

Remember that just as with any addictive substance, if never start you will never become addicted. The best policy is to say no from the start, don’t try meth, not even once.

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